A little about me…

Raised in Alaska, and moved to the lower 48 after 1991 to finished college at Eastern Oregon University where I studied fine art, graphic art, glass blowing and sculpture. My father was a avid photo enthusiast using range finders and later moving to a SLR. Because of his influence I started my photography when I was very young.
The first camera I owned was a little Kodak 110 instamatic and I was only all allowed to shoot black and white due to the expense of developing. Yes it was expensive back in the 70s. Following my Kodak, I saved my paper route money and bought the Olympus OM10. This camera was light years ahead of the Kodak 110 especially with interchangeable lens. I won a couple of contests for amateur photography while in Junior High using this camera.

I continued using this camera until I purchased a Canon T90 with a 50mm 1/4 lens in 1986. What a remarkable camera! It is the basic design that Kodak used when the first digital cameras came out in the late 1990s early 2000s. While using this camera I shot transparency film and in low light. Several images where on display and purchased in 1991 at one of my gallery showings. Unfortunately the Canon T90 was destroyed while mountain climbing. After that I didn’t really shoot anything until my father gave me his old SLR Minolta, which I still have to this day.

The early days of digital I used the Nikon Coolpix 990, a fun camera especially with the swivel display allowing you to hold it above crowds or at low angles, reminded me of the Kodak 110 days (size only). You just needed to be very still while you clicked the shutter.

I eventually moved to the full size Nikon D200. An amazing camera for the money and started investing in nice lens. I retired the D200 and purchased the Nikon D300s. I used both cameras for food photography, live burlesque shows and shooting models. I started using light modifiers something I had really never used since I was really focusing on natural light and how light falls on objects and people.

I now shoot with a Nikon D810, and what a difference a couple of years in Nikons CMOS sensors improvements make. This camera is much like the film cameras of yesteryear. Low light results are amazing. I have paired this camera with Zeiss lens and wow very impressive.